Recent Student Publications

Students in the Graduate Program in Philosophy are active in publishing their research.

These are representative examples of publications by current and recently graduated students.

Bert Baumgaertner

  • "Towards a Flexible Semantics: Colour Terms in Collaborative Reference Tasks" (with Fernández, R., Stone, M.). (2012). Proceedings of the First Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics (SEM), Montreal, Canada.
  • "Vagueness Intuitions and the Mobility of Cognitive Sortals." (2012). Minds and Machines, 22(3), 213–234.
  • "Dynamic Concepts" (July, 2011). Mnemosyne 1

Christopher Buckels

  • "Compulsion to Rule in Plato’s Republic." Apeiron (forthcoming).

Scott Dixon

  • "Grounding and Supplementation.” Erkenntnis (forthcoming).
  • "What is the Well-Foundedness of Grounding?" Mind (forthcoming).
  • "Concrete Modal Structuralism." 2010 Annual Proceedings of the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics (2011), 119–131.

Joshua Earlenbaugh

  • "Intuitions are Inclinations to Believe" (with B. Molyneux). Philosophical Studies, 145(1) (2009), 89–109.
  • "If Intuitions Must Be Evidential Then Philosophy Is in Big Trouble" (with B. Molyneux). Studia Philosophica Estonica 2 (2009), 35–53.

Tyrus Fisher

  • "Counterlegal Dependence and Causation’s Arrows: Causal Models for Backtrackers and Counterlegals." Synthese (forthcoming)
  • "Causal Counterfactuals Are Not Interventionist Counterfactuals." Synthese (forthcoming)
  • "Critical Review Essay: Living Words, by Peter Ludlow" (with A. Sennet). Canadian Journal of Philosophy (forthcoming).
  • "Quine on Paraphrase and Regimentation" (with A. Sennet). (2014). In Harman and Lepore (Eds.). A Companion to W.V.O. Quine. Malden: Wiley Blackwell, pp. 89–113.
  • "Quine's Behaviorism and Linguistic Meaning: Why Quine's Behaviorism is not Illicit.'' Philosophia 39 (2011), 51–59.

Timothy Houk

  • "Smoke and Mirrors: Subverting Rationality, Positive Freedom, and Their Relevance to Nudging and/or Smoking Policies" (with R. DiSilvestro and M. Jensen). The American Journal of Bioethics. 16.7 (2016), 20–22.

Matt Leonard

  • "Burge's Contextual Theory of Truth and the Super-Liar Paradox" in Michael Pelis and Vit Puncochar (eds.), The Logica Yearbook 2011. London: College Publications, 2012), 141–152.

Huaping Lu-Adler

  • "Socrates and Aristotle on the Weakness of the Will." Journal of Foreign Philosophy, 17 (Beijing, 2005).
  • "Review of Amie Thomasson's Ordinary Objects." APA Newsletters, 8(1), 2008.

Johnnie Pedersen

  • "A Defense of the Evidential-role View of Intuitions." Teorema (forthcoming).