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The UC Davis Department of Philosophy's Graduate Program has a largely analytic orientation, a proud legacy of scholarly distinctions, and a strong graduate placement record.

Graduate Program

The UC Davis Department of Philosophy administers a small, collegial and supportive graduate program with a largely analytic orientation.

Graduate Courses

The UC Davis Department of Philosophy Graduate Program curriculum encompasses seminar, practicum and lecture and discussion course offerings.

Student Resources

We encourage students to take advantage of these explanatory materials and opportunities.

Fellowships and Scholarships

Fellowships and scholarships help support and enhance the graduate education experience in the UC Davis Department of Philosophy.


How to Apply

Applications for the Department of Philosophy's graduate program are accepted from September until January 15.

Student Scholarly Work

Peruse the topics of graduate student dissertations that are in progress or have been completed.

Ph.D. Placements

Placement Data for the UC Davis Doctoral Program in Philosophy