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2013-2014 Colloquia

Fall, 2013


Picture of Kieran Setiya


October 25

Kieran Setiya

University of Pittsburgh

"The Ethics of Existence"



Picture of Bruce Russell


November 1

Bruce Russell

Wayne State University

"In Defence of the Evidential Role and Status of Intuitions"



Picture of Angel Pinillos


November 8

N. Ángel Pinillos

Arizona State University

"Ambiguous Reference"



Picture of Anita Superson


November 15

Anita Superson

University of Kentucky

"Moral Bindingness"



Winter, 2014


Picture of Cameron Buckner


January 17

Cameron Buckner

University of Houston

"The Debate over Animal Theory of Mind: Moving Forward"



Picture of Farid Masrour


January 20

Farid Masrour

Harvard University

"Unity of Consciousness: Advertisement for a Leibnizian View"



Picture of Stephen Campbell


January 31

Stephen Campbell

Coe College

"The Good Death"



Picture of Tim Campbell


February 3

Tim Campbell

Rutgers University

"Practical Reasoning without Transitivity"



Picture of Nicoletta Orlandi


February 7

Nicoletta Orlandi

Rice University

"Seeing Without Inference"



Picture of Tina Rulli


February 10

Tina Rulli

Purdue University

"Defending Conditional Obligations"



Picture of pill titled "placebo"


February 12

Mark Alfano

University of Oregon

"The Placebo Effect and Informed Consent"



Picture of Regina Rini


February 14

Regina Rini

University of Oxford

"Moral Psychology and the Narrative Self"



Picture of Hanti Lin


February 17

Hanti Lin

The Australian National University

"Why I Believe That I Have Binary Beliefs"



Spring, 2014


Picture of Hendrik Lorenz


April 11

Hendrik Lorenz

Princeton University

"Character-Virtue as a Non-Rational State in Aristotle's Eudemian Ethics"



Picture of Jay Wallace


May 2

R. Jay Wallace

UC Berkeley

"Emotions and Relationships: On a Strawsonian Theme"



Picture of Jessica Rett


May 9

Jessica Rett


"Sincerity Conditions in a Stalnakarian Update Semantics"

(Co-sponsored with Linguistics)


Picture of Ben Caplan


May 16

Ben Caplan

The Ohio State University

"Brutal Propositions"