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2011-2012 Colloquia

Fall 2011


Picture of Paolo Mancosu


October 7

Paolo Mancosu

University of California, Berkeley

"Axiomatics and Purity of Methods: On the Relationship between Plane and Solid Geometry"



Picture of Mitzi Lee


November 4

Mitzi Lee

University of Colorado, Boulder

“Justice and the Laws in Aristotle’s Ethics”



Winter 2012

Picture of Michael Smith


January 27

Michael Smith

Princeton University

“How to Be a Rationalist”



Picture of Bas van Fraassen


February 10

Bas van Fraassen

San Francisco State University

"The Self from a Logical Point of View"



Picture of Tyler Burge


February 24

Tyler Burge

University of California, Los Angeles

"Ego-Centric Indexes and Representational Content"



Spring 2012


Picture of Martin Lin


April 13

Martin Lin

Rutgers University

"The Modal Status of Absolute Space and Time in Leibniz"



Picture of Alan Richardson


April 27

Alan Richardson

University of British Columbia

"How Analysis Became Unscientific:
American Philosophy in the Immediate Aftermath of World War Two"


Picture of Fréderic Bouchard


May 4

Frédéric Bouchard

Université de Montréal

"Knowing Why It's Appropriate to Rely on Scientific Experts
(and When It's Not)"



Picture of Nicholas Jolley


May 11

Nicholas Jolley

University of California, Irvine

"Leibniz, Plato, and Two Theories of Innate Ideas"