2010-2011 Colloquia

Fall 2010


Picture of Frank Lewis


October 18

Frank Lewis

University of Southern California

“Aristotle on How to Define Substance in Metaphysics Zeta: The End-Game in Zeta 17”



Winter 2011


Picture of Yuri Balashov


January 13

Yuri Balashov

University of Georiga

“Two Concepts of Coexistence in Spacetime”



Picture of Andrea Woody


February 4

Andrea Woody

University of Washington

“Scientific Explanation: A Functional Perspective”



Picture of Seth Yalcin


February 18

Seth Yalcin

University of California, Berkeley

“On Some Counterexamples to Modus Ponens and Modus Tollens”



Picture of Henry Allison


March 4

Henry Allison

Emeritus, University of California, San Diego and Boston University

“The Singleness of the Categorical Imperative”



Spring 2011


Picture of Geoffrey Hellman


April 29

Geoffrey Hellman

University of Minnesota

“The Significance of the Burali-Forti Paradox”



Picture of David McNaughton


May 6

David McNaughton

Florida State University

“Contours of the Practical Landscape”



Picture of Dean Pettit


May 27

Dean Pettit

University of North Carolina

“Generalized Quantifier Theory and Gradable Quantification”