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2005-2006 Colloquia

Fall 2005


Picture of Mark Reiff


September 29

Mark Reiff

University of Durham

"Equality and Proportionality"



Picture of Mandy Simons


October 7

Mandy Simons

Carnegie-Mellon University

"Conversation and Presupposition"



Picture of Marya Schechtman


October 21

Marya Schechtman

University of Illinois, Chicago

"Metaphysics, Value, and Personal Survival"



Picture of Dana Nelkin


November 4

Dana Nelkin

University of California, San Diego

"Deliberative Alternatives and the Explanatory Nexus"



Picture of Robert May


November 10

Robert May

University of California, Irvine

"The Essential Proposition: Frege on Identity Statements"



Picture of Anya Plutynski


November 18

Anya Plutynski

University of Utah

"Genic Selectionism Meets the Realism Debate"



Picture of Matt Haber


December 9

Matt Haber

University of California, Davis

"Unnatural Kinds: Stable Relationships are Overrated"



Picture of Andrew Hamilton


December 9

Andrew Hamilton

University of California, Davis

"Unnatural Kindness: Complexity, Contingency, and The Biology Problem"



Picture of John Martin Fisher

December 16

John Martin Fisher

University of California, Riverside

"The Cards That Are Dealt You"



Winter 2006



Picture of Pekka Vayrynen


January 4

Pekka Väyrynen

University of California, Davis

"Normative Appeals to the Natural"



Picture of Jan Szaif


January 12

Jan Szaif

University of California, Davis (visiting)

"Aristotle on the Benefits of Virtue"



Picture of Brendan Jackson


January 16

Brendan Jackson

The Australian National University

"Truth vs. Pretense in Discourse About Motion (or, why the sun really does rise)"



Picture of Samuel Newlands


January 19

Samuel Newlands

Yale University

"The Harmony of Spinoza and Leibniz"



Picture of Deborah Brown


January 26

Deborah Brown

University of Queensland

"Descartes on False Ideas"



Picture of Calvin Normore


January 27

Calvin Normore

University of California, Los Angeles




Picture of Elisa Hurley


January 30

Elisa Hurley

Georgetown University

"Normativity and the Moral Life of Emotions"



Picture of Jacob Ross


February 3

Jacob Ross

Rutgers University

"The Practical Rejection of Skepticism"



Picture of Gary Bartlett

February 6

Gary Bartlett

Rutgers University

"A Dilemma for Computational Theories of Experience"



Picture of Cody Gilmore


February 10

Cody Gilmore

University of Nebraska, Omaha

"Enduring Composites in Relativistic Spacetime: Where Are We?"



Picture of Rebecca Copenhaver


February 13

Rebecca Copenhaver

Lewis and Clark College

"Thomas Reid on Consciousness"



Picture of Daniel Weiskopf


February 17

Daniel Weiskopf

University of South Florida

"Between Empiricism and Rationalism"



Picture of Bernard Molyneux


February 23

Bernard Molyneux

University of Maryland

"A Hard Epistemological Problem for Research Into Consciousness"



Picture of Stephan Hartmann


February 27

Stephan Hartmann

London School of Economics

"Modeling in Philosophy of Science"



Picture of Patrick Forber


March 1

Patrick Forber

Stanford University

"The Importance of Genuine Rivals in Evolutionary Biology"



Picture of Richard Healey


March 3

Richard Healey

University of Arizona

"Surprise and Survival in a Deterministic Quantum World"



Picture of Adam Sennet


March 6

Adam Sennet

Rutgers University

"Reflections on the Binding Argument"



Picture of Jordi Cat


March 10

Jordi Cat

Indiana University

"Fuzzy Empiricism and Fuzzy Causality: What's All the Fuzz About?"



Picture of Roberta Millstein


March 17

Roberta Millstein

California State University, East Bay

"The Determinism/Indeterminism Question in the Philosophy of Evolutionary Biology"



Spring 2006


Picture of Jenefer Robinson


April 7

Jenefer Robinson

University of Cincinnati

"Emotion and Narrative Understanding"



Picture of Karen Bennett


April 14

Karen Bennett

Princeton University

"Why I Am Not a Dualist"



Picture of Christopher Hill


May 12

Christopher Hill

Brown University

"Ouch! The Paradox of Pain"



All photographs copyright ©, G. J. Mattey, 2005, 2006.