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2004-2005 Colloquia

Fall 2004


Picture of George Berkeley


October 8

Zoltán Szabó

Cornell University

"Sententialism and Berkeley's Master Argument"

(Picture of George Berkeley)


Picture of Brandon Fitelson


October 22

Branden Fitelson

University of California, Berkeley

"The Paradox of Confirmation"



Picture of David SedleyHesperia Lectures
David Sedley
University of Cambridge
"Recollection and Forms in Plato, Phaedo 74-76
November 4
"The Argument"
November 5
"Originals and Copies"


Picture of Martha Nussbaum


November 19

Martha Nussbaum

University of Chicago

"Capabilities and Disabilities: Beyond the Social Contract"



Picture of Alexander Mourelatos


November 22

Alexander P.D. Mourelatos

University of Texas

"Intrinsic and Relational Properties of Atoms in the Democritean Ontology"



Winter 2005


Picture of Lex Newman


January 7

Lex Newman

University of Utah

"Locke's Idea of Mechanism"



Picture of Susan Haack


January 14

Susan Haack

University of Miami

"One Truth, or Many Truths? Yes, and Yes"



Picture of Daniel Nolan


January 21

Daniel Nolan

University of St. Andrews

"Platitudes and Metaphysics"



Picture of Alan Nelson


January 28

Alan Nelson

University of California, Irvine

"Thought Unlimited"



Picture of David Braun


February 4

David Braun

University of Rochester

"Empty Names, Mythical Names, Fictitious Names"



Picture of Jonathan Vogel


February 11

Jonathan Vogel

Amherst College




Picture of Aaron Garrett


February 18

Aaron Garrett

Boston University

"Virtuous Circles: Hume on Character and Moral Qualities"



Picture of Jan Szaif


March 4

Jan Szaif

University of California, Davis (Visiting)

"Plato on Truth and Conceptual Representation"



Spring 2005


Picture of Louise Antony


April 8

Louise Antony

The Ohio State University

"Is 'Non-Conceptual Content' Content?"



Picture of James van Cleve


April 22

James van Cleve

Brown University and University of Southern California

"Rates of Passage"



Picture of Rachel Barney

Hesperia Lectures
Rachel Barney
University of Toronto
"The Shoemaker and the Good: Plato and Aristotle on Practical Reasoning"
May 5
"Deliberation and the Form of the Good"
May 6
"The Function Argument"


Picture of James Dreier

May 13

Jamie Dreier

Brown University

"Boundless Good"


Picture of Edwin McCann



May 16

Edwin McCann

University of Southern California

"Hume's Theory of Personal Identity in Contexts"



All photographs copyright ©, G. J. Mattey, 2004, 2005