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1995-1998 Colloquia

Fall 1995

October 19
Gerald Dworkin
University of Illinois, Chicago
"Contracting Justice"

October 27
Kent Bach
San Francisco State University
"Saying What Someone Thinks"

November 15
Debra Satz
Stanford University
"Status Equality: 'Equality of What' Among Whom?"

November 29
Alison Wylie
University of Western Ontario
"Unification and Consilience in Archeological Explanation"

Winter 1996

January 17
David Barton
UC Davis (Visiting 1995-97)
"Plato's Sophist on False Thought and Speech"

February 7, 1996
Marleen Rozemond
Stanford University
"Mind-Body Interaction in Descartes: What's the Problem?"

March 6
Erich Loewy
UC Davis Medical School
"Moral Strangers and Compassion"

Spring 1996

April 17
Julian Nida-Rümelin
University of Göttingen
"Why Consequentialism Fails Not Only as an Ethical Theory but also as a Practical Theory of Rationality"

May 8
Rachel Cohon
Stanford University
"Hume on Feeling and Knowing Virtue: The Myth of the Noncognitivist Hume"

May 10
Arnold Davidson
University of Chicago
"Ethics as Ascetics: Foucault, the History of Ethics, and Ancient Thought"

June 5, 1996
David Brink
UC San Diego
"Kantian Rationalism: Inescapability, Authority, and Supremacy"

Fall 1996

October 2
Philip Clark
UC Davis
"Do Moral Judgments Motivate?"

October 30
Paul Skokowski
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
"Swampman Meets Swampnet"

November 20
David Kaplan
"Meaning as Use"

December 2
George Wilson
Johns Hopkins University
"Interpretation and the Enigmatic Narrative Film"

December 3
George Wilson
Johns Hopkins University
"Kripke's Wittgenstein and Non-Factualism"

Winter 1997

February 5
Randy Mayes
California State University, Sacramento
"Explanation as a Cognitive Response to Predictive Failure"

February 24
William Demoupolus
University of Western Ontario
"The Philosophical Basis of Our Knowledge of Numbers"

March 5
Richard Grandy
Rice University
"Monster Barring in Sentential Logic"

Spring 1997

April 2
Alexander Rosenberg
University of Georgia
"Will the Real Naturalist Please Stand Up?"

April 10
Nancy Cartwright
London School of Economics
"Where Do Laws of Nature Come From?"
"The Rule of Physics / The Rule of Economics: Empire or Alliance?"

April 30
Norman Dahl
University of Minnesota
"On Substance Being the Same as its Essence in Metaphysics Z 6: The Pale Man Argument"

May 21
Elijah Millgram
Princeton University
"Desire as Proof of Desirability, Revisited"

Fall 1997

October 8
Susan Haack
University of Miami
"Confessions of an Old-Fashioned Prig:Concern for Truth; What it Means, Why it Matters"

October 29
Teresa Britton
UC Davis (Visiting 1997-98)
"The A Priori, Error and Disconfirmation"

Winter 1998

January 14
Rachel Cohon
Stanford University
"Hume on Promises and the Peculiar Act of Mind"

January 16
Connie Rosati
Harvard Law School
"Regret and the Good"

January 20
Nomy Arpaly
Stanford University
"Three Views of Moral Worth"

January 27
Michael Otsuka
University of California, Los Angeles
"Incompatibilism and the Avoidability of Blame"

February 2
George Wilson
Johns Hopkins University
"Le Grande Imagier Steps Out: On the Epistemology of Film"

February 11
Barry Loewer
Rutgers University
"Laws and Induction"

February 13
Katalin Balog
Rutgers University
"Revenge of the Zombies: The New Conceivability Arguments"

Spring 1998

May 6
Bernard Williams UC Berkeley
"Moralism, Realism and Political Theory"

May 22
Peter Ludlow
SUNY Stony Brook
"Externalism, Self-Knowledge and Memory"

May 27
Hugh Wilder
College of Charleston
"What's Wrong with Speciesism?"

June 5
Mark Richard
Tufts University