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The undergraduate curriculum in the UC Davis Department of Philosophy helps students develop analytical and creative thinking, reasoning capabilities and persuasive writing skills applicable in practically all career fields.

Why Study Philosophy?

The study of philosophy instills expertise in critical analysis, thinking and problem-solving, empowering students to communicate ideas clearly, logically and compellingly, within a contextual framework of ethics.

Career Paths for Philosophy Majors

Students of philosophy learn to understand and evaluate arguments and to think and to express themselves cogently. These analytical skills are assets in numerous professions.

Majors and Minors

UC Davis Department of Philosophy offers a major leading to a baccalaureate, as well as curricula tailored for students planning to advance to professional studies in law or medicine, and offers a minor that complements all other UC Davis majors. The department also administers the interdisciplinary Cognitive Science program.


Staff and peer advisers are available weekdays to assist students individually with academic planning, petition review, course selection, career pathway development and other matters related to the major.

Honors and Awards

The UC Davis Department of Philosophy has established programs to recognize the outstanding academic achievements of undergraduate students.


Here are some resources that students in UC Davis Department of Philosophy may find constructive.