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Cody Gilmore


  • Ph.D., Philosophy, Princeton University, 2004
  • A.B., Philosophy, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1996


Cody Gilmore joined the UC Davis Philosophy Department in 2006. From 2003 to 2006, he was Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He specializes in analytic metaphysics. His work focuses on the nature of material objects and persistence through time, with special attention to formal theories of parthood and location. He is also interested in questions about grounding, properties, relations, propositions, personal identity over time, and the nature of death.

During the 2014-15 academic year, he received a grant from the Immortality Project (directed by John Martin Fischer and funded by the Templeton Foundation), for a year of research leave, during which time he wrote a series of papers about personal identity and death. 

Research Focus

One of Gilmore’s projects has been to bring aspects of relativistic physics to bear on the debate between three-dimensionalism and four-dimensionalism about persistence. His papers "Where in the relativistic world are we?" and "Persistence and location in relativistic spacetime" raised a new challenge for the attempt to combine three-dimensionalism with realism about relativistic spacetime.

Another project has been to defend a traditional platonist view about properties, relations, and propositions. In his paper "Parts of Propositions", he defends the view that, e.g., the proposition that Barack Obama is married to Michelle Obama is a mind-independent, language-independent abstract entity that has, as parts, two human beings and one relation.

Selected Publications

  • Gilmore, C. (2003) In defence of spatially related universals, Australasian Journal of Philosophy 81: 420-428.
  • Gilmore, C. (2006) Where in the relativistic world are we?, in J. Hawthorne (Ed.) Philosophical Perspectives, 20, Metaphysics: 199-236.
  • Gilmore, C. (2013) Slots in universals, in Karen Bennett and Dean Zimmerman (Eds.), Oxford Studies in Metaphysics, vol. 8 (2013), pp. 187-233
  • Gilmore, C. (2013) Location and mereology, in Edward N. Zalta (Ed.) The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy,
  • Gilmore, C. (2014) Parts of propositions, in Shieva Kleinschmidt (Ed.), Mereology and Location (Oxford: Oxford University Press), pp. 156-208.
  • Gilmore, C. (2016) The metaphysics of mortals: Death, immortality, and personal time, Philosophical Studies 173: 3271-3299.
  • Gilmore, C. and T. Scott Dixon (2016) Speaks's reduction of propositions to properties: A Benacerraf problem, Thought: A Journal of Philosophy 5: 275-284.
  • Gilmore, C. (2017) Homunculi are people too! Lewis's definition of personhood debugged, Thought: A Journal of Philosophy, forthcoming.


001 – Introduction to Philosophy; 012 – Introduction to Symbolic Logic; 101 – Metaphysics; 105 – Philosophy of Religion; 111 – Philosophy of Space and Time; 201 – Metaphysics Graduate Seminar; 200B – Proseminar II


  • UC Davis Chancellor’s Fellowship, 2014–2019
  • Immortality Project (Templeton Foundation) Grant, 2014-2015
  • Oxford Studies in Metaphysics Younger Scholar’s Prize (a.k.a., Marc Sanders Prize), 2005